Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuxedo Cake?

The other night, we had our annual Oahu company holiday party. We sorta had an awards show theme so I came up with a simple favor to match.

I took my favorite Accu Cut die - small cake slice box and cut them out in black cardstock. We took the boxes and turned them on their sides so that the opening is on the bottom.

Then,  I cut out white triangles with my e-clips machine. I used the Basic Shapes cartridge and chose a miscellaneous shape-pennant. I made them 1 1/2" wide and about 3" long.These were for the "shirts".

I took the white triangles and punched three 1/8" holes down the center. Next,we taped the triangles onto the box, the black shows through the holes and looks like buttons.

Tied bows with some red grosgrain ribbon and glue-dotted them on for the finishing "bow tie" touch. Note: When I made the bows, I trimmed the tails and taped them to the back so they wouldn't show.

I wanted to share this idea because it was very easy and you may want to use it for New Year's or a similar themed event.

Thank you to my co-workers in accounting for helping to tape the boxes together, fill 'em with candy and then tape on the triangle"shirts" And thank you to my boss for trusting us...he kept questioning "Black? for Christmas favors?" then go into his office and come back out "Black? Are you sure? Not very Christmasy?" LOL! He understood later!

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  1. Wow - totally awesome Joy!
    Looks like you made a batch of these looking at the pics.... very creative and I'm sure everyone enjoyed them too... Did you put some goodies in their too?

  2. Cool... great idea! Are you making this on the JOC show?

  3. Very nice and simple.

  4. Those favors turned out very classy! A long time ago (maybe on a Carol Duvall show or an old Martha Stewart segment)I saw something similar (but the box was a different shape I think). The boxes were given as wedding favors with a tuxedo and evening gown theme. Sizzix also makes a dress box die which might go with your tuxedo box if someone wanted pairs for their party.


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