Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Galore!

Last Friday, I posted my gingerbread girl which I was taking to the Ilima Hotel Christmas party. Everyone invited to the party was given a gingerbread cut-out made from a manila file folder and a few colored sheets of paper. You could decorate your gingerbread person anyway you wanted and there were four categories for a contest that everyone voted on.

Here's my Sweetie's entry. He took it rather literally and used real gingerbread cookies crumbles to cover his. The icing is caulking.Yes, his did have an edge with the holiday spice scent.

Before I show you all of the entries, I have to tell you about this great group of people. Ilima Hotel is a very unique hotel in Waikiki. There is a strong ohana feeling with all who work there and with their guests as well. They have many guests who return every year and spend months with them. They have a number of employees who have been there for well over 20 years and even as much as 37 years! They also have an on-going educational program focusing on Hawaiiana that the employees and guests participate in. They take field trips to Sea Life Park and Bishop Museum, make lei and ipus and they have a wonderful group that sing and do hula. They are just a fun and happy group to be around.

So you see, decorating gingerbread is just another fun thing for them to do. They are a really creative bunch and I am lucky enough to get to share their creations with you. So, let's start with the winners!

 Most Original made by Drina, really has her spirit!

Most Imaginative made by Eme, see all the different spices and grains she used!

Most Christmas Spirited made by Jamie, isn't it so cute!

And Best Overall was made by Courtni! Her Gingerbread was 3-D and just so creative!

Here are the other entries, they are all creative. I had a hard time filling out my votes!

Aren't they all just so creative?!You can actually see the real gingerbread displayed in their hotel lobby. Ilima Hotel is located at 445 Nohonani Street. Aren't you inspired to make one, too? Maybe you can have your own contest in your office or with your family ad friends! Thank You again for Ilima Hotel for this great Holiday idea!

And Thank You for stopping by today! Hope you're having a great week! Happy Holiday Crafting!


  1. Wow such talented group of worker's.... Awesome creations, I'm sure it was hard to choose the over all winner.....they were all great....

  2. Thanks for sharing Joy! It was fun seeing all the creative entries. Hmmm-mmm I think I'll bake some edible gingerbread people now mm-mmm-mmmm!

  3. Aloha Joy!

    Thank you very much for blogging about our Christmas Party! We really appreciated the fact that you came and participated in the gingerbread contest! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Ilima Hotel

    (P.S. I actually posted your blog as our Facebook posting today for our friends to read).

  4. Wow, such creative entries by everyone, TFS! Your DH did a fabulous job too! Happy Holidays Joy!


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