Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enter the Dragon!

This one is for Lynn .In December, I shared a couple of favors I made using my favorite Accu Cut Cake Slice box. Lynn challenged me to come up with a Dragon for 2012. I finally made one up, just in time for Monday's Chinese New Year. Enter the Dragon...

Start with an Accu Cut Cake Slice box and place the opening side on the bottom.

Punch out the piece for the head using the purple Clever Lever Oval.

Punch out the nose using the blue Clever Lever Oval.

Use a 1/4" hole punch and make two holes. Adhere some black cardstock behind to create the nostrils.Place this piece along the bottom of the head.

Punch out two circles on a piece of white cardstock using the 5/8" circle punch (light orange).

Center the cut out circles in the 1" circle punch and punch out.

Punch out two black cardstock circles with the 1" punch. Place behind the cut out white circles and adhere together to make the eyes.Place the eyes above the nose and adhere to the head.

Use the light orange oval punch to make two ovals. Place behind the top of the head for the ears and adhere.

I free-hand cut out the little tufts of hair. Adhere to the sides and top, coming out from behind the head.

I also free-hand cut the "whiskers" in yellow cardstock. Adhere near the nostrils and on top of the head.You can also punch out one more purple oval and adhere to the back of the head to hide all of the cut-out ends on the back of the head.

Use the pink Clever Lever oval punch to punch a piece for the belly. Use a black marker to draw some horizontal lines across. Adhere to the lower half of the cake slice box.Place the head above the belly and adhere to the cake slice box with pop up glue dots.

Adhere two stars at the bottom of the box for the feet. Cut two 3/8" x 2" strips for the arms. Adhere a star at each end for the hands. Attach the arms on either side of the body.

I free-hand cut the tail and added a yellow star at the end. Adhere to the back of the box.

Fill your Dragon with treats!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy the rest of the week! And have a Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Cute Joy! Looks like a lot of work but so worth it.

  2. You win the challenge =)
    Cute stuff!

  3. Joy ~ You're amazing... love this dragon, and I know Lynn's gonna love it too....
    Looks kinda hard but I guess just takes patience doing all those little steps to make him look like the way he is... LOL!!!

  4. Wow, this is great for Chinese New Year! The dragon isn't scary, it's cute!

  5. Wow this is so cute! I love making things with punches. It's been so long. Thanks for all the fun details!

  6. How creative you are, this is such a fun and cute dragon Joy! Will file this for a future "to do"!


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