Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Hatch A Chick

I usually have some leftover yarn from making graduation lei. So, I decided to make a scrappy yarn chick for Spring.

First you need a styrofoam egg, yes, in this case the egg comes first.

I wrapped some Meriken double stick tape around the egg. Just two stirps criss cross is enough.

Then, I just starting to wind the yarn around the egg.

Okay, almost done! I slipped the ends of the yarn under some stands and knotted it to secure.

Gathered some "wings" and eyes.

Made my own chicken feet by twisting up some chenille stem.Cut a beak from foamie and glued everything onto the yarn body.

And that's how you hatch a chick! Hmmm...maybe I'll give it to my Sweetie with a sign that says "From your favorite chick!"LOL!

Sometimes these silly crafts are the best thing for the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by today and Have a Great weekend!


  1. Aw Joy, this is really cute. I have lots of leftover yarn and this is a great way to use it up. Thanks for the Easter idea!

  2. Oh, my, goodness! This chick is so cute! Especially her little feet! Heehee! TFS Joy!

  3. too cute, joy! great idea for some leftover yarn and i think my kiddies would enjoy it! also, i have a blog award i'd like to pass on to you. please visit --

    have a great day!

  4. Hi Joy! This is super cute!!! I saw you over on Eva's blog...congrats on winning :) You have some really cute creations! Thanks for the inspiration, I am now your newest follower :)


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