Monday, March 26, 2012

Breed some Sweetie Bunnies!

Sweetie Bunny is so super easy to make, once you make one, you'll probably make more and then they will multiply really fast!

You will need a 3" Circle Punch (purple), 2 1/2" Oval punch (pink) and the 1/4" Heart punch (Fiskars) I used 10mm moving eyes, Glue dots and Micro Glue dots for the nose and 1/4" Meriken double stick tape.I also used the MSC score board.Sheer ribbon for the bow and 1/2" pom pom for the tail.

Punch out two 3" circles from cardstock in your bunny color.

Place on the MSC score board and score 3/4" on one side. Do this for both circles.

Crease and fold at the scored line. Overlap the scored sections and tape together. This is the body.

Punch out three 2 1/2" ovals.

With one oval, place the it back in the punch along one side about 3/4" in. It should look like a bunny ear. Punch out.

Repeat with the other side of the oval for the second ear.

Place the second oval horizontally in front of you for the head. Put the two ears on the top and tape in place.

Place another piece of tape along the top over the ears.

Place the third oval on top aligning the edges.

Place the two moving eyes on top and use glue dots or tape to adhere.

Punch a heart from pink cardstock with the Fiskars hand held 1/4" heart punch. Use a micro glue dot to adhere in the center under the eyes for the nose.

Slightly separate the two ovals on the bottom and slip over the top of the body.

Use double stick tape to tape just the front face oval to the body. The back of the head will act as a flap to keep the body closed.
Add a bow to the front under the bunny's chin with a glue dot.Add a 1/2" white pom pom for a tail to the back with a glue dot.
Open the bunny from the back and add in a small piece of wrapped candy, tape in place if you desire.

These instructions may seem long because I am writing out each tiny step, but it is really fast when you are actually making the bunny.

Thanks for stopping by today and if today's a holiday for you, ENJOY!


  1. Super cute project! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial :)

  2. Awww so cute and thank you for sharing the tutorial, great to get the kiddies to make this for their classmates..yeh!

  3. How cute and simple, great project thanks for sharing


  4. Haha! I love your title. Great tutorial and so easy to make. I remember buying that Fiskars heart punch from your store recently and now I can't find it!


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