Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dizzy over Lizzy!

I went to the store the other night before I went home to get some supplies to make samples for an upcoming ad. Then, I saw that Dear Lizzy's new Neapolitan line just arrived and although I saw it at CHA, I just got excited all over again! Really Fun Stuff!

Since Blogger is giving me a hard time with uploading photos, here's my photos on the Joy of Crafting FB page.Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection.
There's a lot of fun prints but I think my favorite is the jars! I think I want to use them as Journaling cards or as a card front or...again, so many ideas!

More FUN Stuff! Stamps! Love the camera and the dater stamp is like the Smash one with cute sayings like"Best. Day. Ever" and " a day in the life" "photgraphed on" and more!

Although I was dizzy from Dear Lizzy, I didn't stop there because this FUN collection Hip Hip Hooray! just came in, too! I'm going to use these for some birthday cards I need to make.
Check it out on the Facebook page, American Crafts other collections

And last but not least, my love for kraft paper got another boost with these new pebbles,inc designs. So sweet! All in all, what a great bunch of finds to get my mojo going!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're having fun with your crafting adventures, too!


  1. enabler! just saw the photos on fb!

  2. I looked at those pictures and now I feel the need to get my shop on! lol



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