Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Frenzied Effects of Serenity

It's always fun walking through the Ben Franklin Crafts store and even more so lately with all of the new merchandise making it's way to the shelves. My latest fave is the Bo Bunny Serenity collection.

Look at the beautiful Asian prints!

Plus, the back side is just as pretty!

And I really like this cut-out page, I already have plans for some of these to use with some on-going projects.

And of course, love this stamp set! Especially since they give two sakuras to use!

The best part is, it's going on sale! Have you checked out our Ben Franklin Crafts website lately? We post the upcoming ads there and a new one is starting this Friday. And this Bo Bunny collection will be on sale 25% off reg. price! So, go and get yourself some!

I don't know if Serenity is the right name, because we were making a lot of excited chatter (NOISE) when we started looking at this paper, we were anything but calm!Serenity? more like Frenzy!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you're having a great week, too!


  1. I miss Ben Franklin! lovely finds as well


  2. Wow these are so pretty will have to check them out, hope it's in our Hilo Store?

  3. Ok, I've been waiting for this collection since it previewed at CHA! Although I'm on a spending freeze, I'm gonna thaw out that credit card and get everything I can in this collection! Thanks for the heads up Joy! Woohoo!


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