Saturday, October 20, 2012

13 Days of Halloween - Day Two

Okay, I'm sticking with the brown bags today (since I have 40 of them!) Again, this one is super easy for crafters of all ages!

 Get a Hoot of this Brown Bag Owl!

Take the brown bag and bring the two top corners together to find the middle, pinch at the top to mark the center point.

Fold in each of the top corners to the center point as shown.
For the eyes, take the 2 1/2" Clever Lever Circle punch (pink) and punch two circles from brown cardstock.
Take the 2" Clever Lever Circle punch (blue) and punch out two circles from white cardstock
Take the 1" Clever Lever Circle punch (green) and punch out two circle from golden yellow cardstock. Take the 3/4" Clever Lever Circle punch (green) and punch out two circles from black cardstock.
Layer all of the pieces as shown and tape together for the eyes.
Fold the pointed flap down. Place the eyes under the pointed flap and tape in place.
Cut a triangle from orange cardstock for the beak. Tape over the point of the flap.
Fill the bag with treats and tape the flap down. You can also use sticky back velcro if you want to open and close it a lot. You can also add feathers at the top corners for more detailing.
Today, I went to Celebrations' "Adventures in Bento Making" event featuring Crystal "Pikko" Watanabe.
Crystal is the co-author of Yum Yum Bento Box and she demo'd some fun bento style food.
She made little ghosts from quail eggs and a tombstone from Okinawan sweet potato.
She carved pumpkins from persimmons.
She showed us how make a free-form shape musubi and made a skull. She made little soccer ball rice balls using a special ball mold. I bought one of the molds because I want to make snowmen later.
Then she showed us how to make cute sandwiches with the animal shape cutters.
So much fun and so cute! Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are having a great weekend!
P.S.  - Don't forget to go to the Ben Franklin Crafts store to enter the JOC 10th Anniversary giveaway! we're drawing the names for the first set of winners on Monday!


  1. Now I don't know if I should make these cute owls or the broom project you posted earlier. Hmmm...wonder if I can manage both?

    BUT WAIT...

    I would like someone to make me a bento like that one day so I can feel soooo special!

  2. Thanks for the photos and post and thanks for coming! :)


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