Friday, October 26, 2012

13 Days of Halloween - Day 8

It's Day 8 of the 13 Days of Halloween and I want to...

 Witch You All a Wicked Weekend!
I got this project idea from my Seattle friends and decided that I needed to make one for myself. First, take two candy stick bags and fill them with colorful Sixlets candy. I alternated purple and bright green colors to make it look like striped socks.

Cut out two witch's shoes with your own pattern or you can e-mail me at, if you want my pattern. Fold the black cardstock in half and place the pattern with the bottom of the shoe on the fold line, trace and cut out.

Open up the folded shoe, place the end of the filled candy stick bag inside, tape in place and fold up the shoe.

Place tape around the edges of the shoe to hold in place. Add a little ribbon bow on top.

To make the skirt, take a 2" x 12" strip of "Halloweeny" paper and score it every 1/4".

Accordion fold the strip.

Take the Clever Lever 3 1/2" Scallop Circle Punch (Lt. Green) and punch out one circle in a coordinating print.

Find the center point of the circle (1 3/4") and score it 1/8" to the left ( 1 5/8") and to the right
(1 7/8") to form a "spine". You need to have a spine to compenstae for the thickness of the skirt.

Fold and crease the circle at the scored lines. Unfold the circle.
Place a XXL 2" Glue Dot on the inside of the circle.

Carefully gather up the scored 2" strip into a half rosette. Place onto half of the circle, right side down and press into the glue dot.

Place the two witch's legs onto the skirt.

Fold the other side of the circle over and adhere to the other side of the half rosette. Turn over, your witch is done.

I wanted to hang my witch up so I made a broom for her to ride on. I took a 12" wooden dowel. Bundled a bunch of raffia at one end of the dowel and wrapped a strip of raffia around it and tied it onto the dowel.

I attached the witch to the broom by making a cardstock sleeve that was slipped over the dowel and taped to the back of the witch's skirt. Tied on some ribbon for the hanger.

Thanks for stopping by today and I Witch you an very Wicked Weekend!

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  1. oh stop stop're killing me with all these amazing ideas! i just gotta find time for one or two of these halloween themed craft before halloween is over. oh heck...even if i'm late, i'll try to do it and give it out.


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