Sunday, October 7, 2012

October's first Joy of Crafting show!

With tonight's premiere of the first October show, so begins our month long Joy of Crafting 10th Anniversary celebration! We have some special guests helping us celebrate our birthday...

 Our first guest makes his debut on the show with some bento food styling! Meet Joel Kutaka from the Celebrations store next to Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Crafts.

Joel uses some of the fun bento cutters they sell to create a cute Ghost sandwich. If you don't have bento cutters, you can easily adapt his ideas with cookie cutters, too.

Well, we couldn't celebrate without having Frank Dumlao on the show! Our favorite One Stroke painting artist will show us how to paint irises on a glass vase.

So, beautiful!
Card front
And of course, we had to have our favorite paper crafter, Cheryl Miyashiro on the show!
Card opened
This time, Cheryl shows us how to make a cute Halloween Peek-a-boo card. It's really cool!

And surprise! All of the guests have donated a "gift" that you all can enter to win! Watch the show and go to any of our Hawaii Ben Franklin Crafts stores (and Celebrations, too) to fill out an entry blank. Lots of fun stuff to win, including some OC16 gear!

And since there's two shows this month, there's two chances to win! We'll draw for some winners on Monday, Oct. 22nd and then again on Monday, Nov. 5th.

Thank You for supporting the Joy of Crafting show all these years! It's because of you that the show is even on the air! We have some new ideas that we'll be doing on the show that I think you'll really like, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to go to the store to enter starting Monday!Happy Crafting!


  1. Loved this episode....very entertaining. First-timer Joel did well and of course Frank's project was a stunner. I re-watched Cheryl's portion but I'm still not clear about how to do it. I really want to try making that card. Are you or Cheryl going to put instructions somewhere? Happy 10th's a cheer for many more years of great crafts!

  2. Thank you for letting me appear on the show, Joy. And thanks for the kind words Lynn. It was a lot of fun; hope to make another appearance soon! Happy 10th Anniversary!


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