Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Put a leash on it!

So, our company has a pedometer step challenge going on between the stores and offices. Together, we hope to walk enough steps to total walking to the moon and back, promoting healthy living. All employees received a pedometer to track their steps.

In our Honolulu office, we have a monthly challenge going on between the upstairs and downstairs groups. Everyone is trying hard to do their part. The problem is, sometimes the pedometers unclip and fall off. If you lose your pedometer, there's a huge step penalty deducted from your total. I've had a few scares, thinking I lost my pedometer, only to find it on my car seat or somewhere else. Afterall,  I don't want to let my team down!

So, I made a leash for my pedometer. I used a swivel badge clip, some inexpensive chain, split rings and a cute beaded charm gift.

I cut the chain to about 8" long. Attached one end to the badge clip with a split ring. I thought using a split ring would be more secure than using a jump ring.

I used another split ring to attach the other end of the chain to this cute beaded charm I received from @handmadecute (you really need to check out her blog!)

Slipped the charm holder around the pedometer clip.

Done! Now, I have extra security so I won't lose my pedometer. Before cell phones, I remember I had something similar for my pager.

BTW, our downstairs team won the first month's challenge by over 300,000 steps! So, today, my teammates and I will enjoy lunch served by the upstairs office. Whoo Hoo!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're having a great week, too! Keep on Crafting, Keep on Stepping!


  1. sounds like a fun way to get healthier and that's a great idea to not lose your pedometer. hmmm, you would think the upstairs team would walk more since they are upstairs?? haha.

  2.'re reading my mind. I was just thinking of getting a pedometer and the leash idea is great. Congratulations on the win and lunch (you'll probably need to walk it off or take a nap after your meal). I'm happy you're using your charm. TY for the mention.

    (p.s. the captcha thingy's word is "self-denial". maybe it's a hint that you need to skip the dessert today?)

  3. Oh no! I can't skip dessert because that would be rude!Estra made the dessert she posted on Instagram and she said she would make it for us "next time" So, I commented that I hoped "next time" would be soon. And today is soon enough!
    Plus, I'm going to do the Hotel Charity walk on Saturday so that's extra steps for this week (I know, there's a lot of eating with the walking, hee hee hee!)

    1. =) I hoped you enjoyed the dessert!!! You need lots of energy for the charity walk :)

  4. What a cool idea to attach a leash!

  5. I applaud the efforts of the BFC office. Your project is great. Good luck on the next upstairs downstairs competition.


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