Monday, March 28, 2016

Make It Monday - Standing Spinner card

I've always loved making spinner cards, there's just something fun and magical when they spin! Before it was cumbersome to make the cut-out windows either by hand or you were limited to positioning if you used a punch. Well, thank goodness for dies! Now, placement is not a problem and there are shapes galore! We have a project sheet to make this card, but here are some of my additional tips.

Cut four pieces of cardstock; in this case we used a standard card size of 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". If you are using a printed cardstock, pay attention to the direction of the printed design, you want to make sure that the cardstock pieces are in the 5 1/2" tall and  4 1/4" wide format. Score each piece vertically down the middle at 2 1/8".

It's easier to use a nested set of dies so that you can use two sizes of the die and know that the window cut-out and the spinner will match. I used the two on the bottom from the set.

To make sure that all of the windows will be in the same place, make a mark 1" down from the top at the middle. I folded the cardstock at the scored line and used the score board to measure.

Place the top of the larger die at that mark and center the die over the scored middle line and cut out. Repeat with the other three pieces.

Take the same die shape and go one size smaller. Die cut two for the spinner.

Take one piece and lay a length of beading thread down the middle, leaving tails hanging out from the top and the bottom. Tape down securely. For this, I use the shiny cello Scotch tape because it has a stronger hold, not the "magic" one that is meant to be easily removed.

Double stick tape the two spinner pieces together. You can decorate the spinner now or later.

Now, place the spinner inside one of the window cut-outs. Center and tape the beading thread down along the center scored line; keeping the thread taut. I like to turn the thread tails at an angle and then tape again to make it even more secure.

Take another of the window cutouts and add double stick tape all around one half on the wrong side. Align the window and edges with the first piece and just tape down that one half. Repeat with the other two pieces until you have taped all four pieces together and have formed a "+" with the spinner hanging in the middle of the windows.

Before putting the card inside of the envelope, it is fun to wind up the spinner first. When the card is pulled out, the spinner will spin and there will be the added element of surprise!

Have fun making these for all kinds of occasions, especially for co-workers so they can prop them up on their desks for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for stopping by for this week's Make It Monday and Happy Crafting!

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