Sunday, April 3, 2016

April's First Show!

Mucho Mahalos again for helping us celebrate March's National Craft Month and our 299th and 300th shows! Lots of Mahalo gifts will be going out this coming week! But, it's time for a new show tonight!

For our first guest, we welcome Jenna from the Box of Crafts. Jenna shares one of this month's projects, a cute Piggy Bank!

Don't forget to check out their website to learn more about this fun crafting subscription box.

Next, we have Sunshine and Lisa from the YMCA.
Next, we have Lisa and Sunshine from the YMCA. We do a quick Aqua Tube craft while learning about the upcoming Healthy Kid's Day at the Bishop Museum on Sat., April 9th.

Last but not least, we have Faye from our Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin Crafts store. She shares some ideas on what to do with those beautiful coloring book images once you're done coloring. How about using it to decorate a canvas bag?

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you had a great weekend! don't forget to stop by tomorrow for our new Make It Monday project! Happy Crafting!

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