Monday, May 9, 2016

Make It Monday! Art in Motion!

Do you remember Flip books? Well, I thought with stop motion videos getting popular again, a flip book would be fun to make! Especially when you use rubber stamps for the image! Here's a project sheet  to make one. Or, you can follow the steps below...

First, you need to make the book. Since you will be stamping and coloring, you want to use paper that will withstand the inks but you still need it to be thin and flexible enough to "flip". I used marker paper for my book.The marker paper was 9" x 12" so I cut it down to 3" x 4.5" pieces for the pages. I got about 32 pages together. Make sure that the 3" edge that will be flipped through is all neatly aligned. Then, staple the other end to make the book, about three staples. The cover will be added later.

For the stamp, choose a design that lends itself to animation, like this dandelion design bee design.


Take a scratch paper the size of a page and stamp out what the final design on the last page would look like. Then, stamp the complete path the animation would go. You can also draw in a line with arrows to show the direction.

Now to start stamping! Stamp from the last page in the book and go backwards. Place the designed scratch paper behind the last page and use it as a guide to where to stamp.

Continue following the path of the design "backwards" and stamping on each page.

You should be able to see the previous stamped design when you turn down the next page. Use that as a guide to where to stamp.

After you have completed the stamping, go back and color in the design with makers or colored pencils. Put a scratch paper behind the page before coloring so the markers do not bleed through.

For the cover, cut a cardstock 3" high and 9 1/4" wide. Score at the 4 1/2" and 4 3/4" points to create a spine. Put a couple of lines of Meriken double stick tape along the spine and tape the book in place. decorate the cover as you like.

Thumb fan the pages a couple times to break in the pages and get them used to being flipped. Then enjoy your little homemade old school "video"! Check out the video at the Joy of Crafting Facebook page

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