Monday, May 30, 2016

Make It Monday - So cute, they'll be jelly!

LOL! Here's a fun and simple centerpiece you can make for your ocean theme parties this summer!

Whimsical jellyfish made from some very basic supplies.

Take a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half. For the sample, we used 3" and 4" Styrofoam balls.

To get the jellyfish shape, you will need to round the edges. To do this, just hold the Styrofoam and press the edges into the table surface. It will"smash" the Styrofoam. Continue to press the edges against the table while rotating the half ball.

The edges will end up with a rounded look.

Sponge paint the entire Styrofoam piece with a mixture of blues, greens and purple acrylic paints.

While the Styrofoam is drying, cut some opalescent cellophane, curling ribbons and 6" green and blue glitter tulle into strips about 1/2" x 10" long for the jellyfish "legs". Carefully make small holes at the bottom of the Styrofoam jellyfish and glue in one end of the strips. Randomly place the different types of strips all around. Trim the strips if needed.

Add two moving eyes to the top of the jellyfish. The sample used 24mm eyes. Take a thin 1/8" wood dowel and stick one under each jellyfish.

To create the centerpiece, fill a low glass vase with green and blue marbles. Stick the jellyfish in the marbles. Add a few pieces of greenery. You can also add a t-lite buried in the marbles to create a glow effect.

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