Monday, May 2, 2016

Make It Monday - Spammy the Frog!

Okay, there are people who won't eat Spam but they will eat Frog's legs? Well, I know all the Spam lovers were probably checking out the Spam Jam this past weekend in Waikiki. And, I bet there's a lot of empty Spam cans from the event! So, this week's Make It Monday salutes last month by honoring both Spam and Earth Month with a recycled Spam can...

Meet Spammy the Frog! A cute container you can use for a party favor or small centerpiece. And yes, we have a project sheet which you can find here . So, let's hop to it!

First, clean your empty Spam can and make sure it's dry before you start.

Take a 3 1/8" x 11" printed cardstock to line the inside of the can. Add double stick tape to the top and bottom of the wrong side of the cardstock. Place the cardstock inside of the can and tape down, overlapping the edges. The cardstock should be tall enough to cover the edge of the can so there isn't anything sharp.

Take a 2 7/8" x 11" green cardstock and wrap it around the outside of the can and tape in place.

Use punches to make the eyes. Punch out two green 2 " circles for the eyelids and two 1 1/2" white circles for the eyes.

Take the 1/4" hole punch and punch out two holes in black cardstock about 2" apart. Use the 1" circle punch and punch out a circle over each of the 1/4" circles.

Take the black circles and tape to the white circles. Next, use pop dots to tape the white circles to the green circles. Use Pop Up glue dots to glue the eyes to the top edge of the can.

Use a Black marker to draw a smile on the can below the eyes. Punch out two 3/4" pink circles. Place one each at the end of the smiles for cheeks.

Fill the can with wrapped candy/treats! Leave as is for a small centerpiece or place inside of a clear cello bag and tie off with a ribbon to use as a gift. or favor.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have fun making Spammy or other critters with empty cans!

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  1. Love, love, love this cute Spam project! Wayne collects little frogs so this would be good container for them. Thanks for the idea!


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