Monday, February 22, 2010

And the Pink Bag goes to...

Joni H.! Congratulations to Joni H. whose name was drawn from my Lucky Bucket! Joni will find a few crafty goodies in her bag along with a $25 Ben Franklin Gift Card and a real $10 bill (you know local style, can't give a bag to someone without some cash in it!)

Thank You to all of you for opening up your hearts and letting everyone know what other things in life you LOVE. Crafty people are so thoughtful and really care about a lot of things!

March is just around the corner and we'll be doing some fun things for National Craft month! Thank You again for visiting today and let's all send a shout out to Joni!


  1. Congrats Joni! You deserve it!


  2. wow! wow! wow!! my very first PINK bag! and with all the extra goodies, I'll be walking into BFC looking rather chic. guess I'd better give up the shorts/tshirt for a day!
    thank you, joy!

  3. congrats to Joni! can't wait to see you show off your new bag Joni!

  4. Congrats Joni! I love the color Pink, this would look so cool on you. Can I borrow, LOL.

  5. Congrats to Joni! Love the bag!

  6. AWESOME WIN JONI! Maybe you can put some Farmville collectibles in there! Heehee! Congratulations!


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