Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy FAT Tuesday!

Hi Y'all! I'm on the road the heart of Rock 'n Roll...can you guess where?

Yup, Cleveland!It's snowing and this is what it looks like from my hotel room. Luckily, I have Fridge with me. We were talking about sports, so I was hoping to run into Lebron at the airport, I respect his skills even though I cheer for the West NBA All-Stars.

Then, with today being Mardi Gras, Fridge was reminiscing about the Saint's home turf and how good a nice hot beignet would be right now. He had a whole plateful when we were in NOLA after Katrina.That bear can eat!

Well, hope y'all having a Sweet Fat Tuesday! Don't forget tomorrow is the last day to comment (Feb 9th post) to win that Sweet Pink Bag, plus the goodies that'll be in it.

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Fat Tuesday!


  1. Hi Joy! I love watching your show. So happy that you're there (in the snow) and not me! hehehehhe!

  2. OMG woman! I can't believe you're traveling again! And to someplace so cold! Did you see the All-Star Game? It was awesome! Yes, LBJ got some mean skills, but my man is Dwight Howard, da Supa-Man! Hope you and Fridge are having fun and staying warm. Eat a beignet (or two) for me and Pocket Edward! Safe travels Joy!


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