Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FUN at CHA part 2

Well, if you have a part 1, I guess you're supposed to have a part 2, so here it is! Yes, CHA was fun and we saw a lot of new crafty items that we ordered  for our stores. Can't wait for them to get here! But the other fun part is seeing different ideas, like this one...
This is so simple to make and it's like DUH?! why not make a bunch!
Just take a 12 x 12 (or other square) and score it into 9 even sections (4 x4). Then, diagonally score the four corners, fold it up. Punch holes in the points and thread ribbon, tie to hold together. Fill with goodies!
So, that's my wiki wiki craft for today.

Sorry, I've been MIA but right after the Live Audience taping, we left to buy Christmas. Then, it was off to CHA. Got back Thursday, and from Saturday, I've been helping with store inventories. So, if you see me in the store, you'll see me with clipboard in hand, a little bug-eyed from counting and counting! So, I'm happy I got to craft today, even though it was only for a nano second!

I just want to Thank You all for being so great and visiting this blog. Now, if you can just wait a few more days, I will have a fun gift to giveaway! I just want to make sure it comes with this week's freight! {Had to send it that way since my suitcase was too heavy ! :) }


  1. Love the simplicity of these sweet treats!! Glad you had fun at CHA!! =D hugs, Kris

  2. Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful time in CHA. Cute & yummy project!


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