Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Slice of Cake for Santa

Instead of cookies, let's make Santa some cake! On second thought, let's make a cake slice into Santa!

I needed to make some favors for a business luncheon so I started with my favorite Accu Cut Small Cake Slice box.

Cut the boxes out of red cardstock, easy enough. Cut some strips of white cardstock (about 1/2" wide) for the "fur trim" I cut my curvy edges free hand, you may want to use a decorative border punch. Taped the strip down the middle. Or, you can leave off the fur trim. Next, cut a 1/2" x 8 1/2" strip of black cardstock for Santa's belt. I placed double stick tape onto the strip, then centered the box onto the strip. I carefully wrapped the ends of the strip to the front and cut off the excess. Because of the shape of the box, the strip will not go around completely straight, but as my co-worker Kami said, it looks like how Santa's belt wraps around his big belly!

I used American Crafts glitter cardstock for the buckle. First, cut a thin strip 1" long and taped that to the center of the belt.

Next, cut a piece 1" x 1 1/2", folded it in half and cut the center out. (The cardstock is forgiving so you won't see a fold line.) Centered this over the middle strip and taped it on to finish the belt buckle.

This really was easy, made 20 of them in about an hour!If you missed it, I showed you how to make a more formal cake slice favor in yesterday's post.

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  1. Very cute project and simple enough for kids to make. You could also make a christmas tree with green card stock, turn it the other way and it looks like a christmas tree. Punch out a star and stick it to the top and add decorations.

  2. That's another clever use of the cake slice box. I especially love the buckle. Now I challenge you to make a dragon (for New Year's) LOL!

  3. Awww so cute Joy - great idea on the box..
    Now I can't wait to see you and Lynn challenge on the dragon.... That will be fun to wait for... (he,he)

  4. What a cute idea Joy! Love the shiny belt buckle.
    Dragon? Challenge? Can't wait to see that.

    Hoku is getting better; it's just so slow. Thanks for caring.
    Warm hugs to you!


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