Saturday, March 17, 2012

Honey Pop and More!

I was in Napa Valley last week for work and no, I didn't go on any wine tours. I preferred to go visit Craft stores instead. It's interesting to see what other parts of the country like to create.Now that I'm back, I'm so excited to see the new stuff ordered at CHA arriving in the stores!

Like the Honey Pop Collection from Inky Antics! These are fun honeycomb papers that you can match up with different stamp sets.
I made a card following their layout, not too creative for me, but I just wanted to make something! I used the Turtle set and here's how to do it.

The honeycomb part of the design has arrows on the stamp. Stamp the design onto the honeycomb paper, the arrows should go in the same direction as the lines on the honey comb paper for the design to come out right. Cut the piece out. The dotted line justs indicates the center of the honeycomb.

To make room for the bulk of the honeycomb on your card, you will need to make a mini spine in the center of your card. I made a regular 5.5" x 4.25" card. Place the cardstock onto the score board and use a pencil to mark the center point, in this case 4.25".

Then, slightly scoot the cardstock over so that the mark is in the center of an 1/8" section. Score along both sides to create the 1/8" spine. I didn't fold the scored lines yet, I wanted to keep the card flat for stamping.

Place the cut out honeycomb piece alongside one of the scored edges and use a pencil to trace a few outline marks.

Stamp the head and feet of the turtle using the traced marks for placement. MY tip, I cut the stamp of the feet apart so that I could space the feet apart more and stamp them separately.

Add the bird and sentiment. Color in the designs with copics. Now, fold on the scored lines to get the creases for the middle spine.

Use an adhesive, I used double-stick tape, to adhere the honeycomb piece to the card. First, adhere one side.

Then, fold the card over to match up the other side. I used the additional stamps in the set for the design on the front of the card.

The other new thing in the stores is the Authentique line of papers and embellishments. I actually used one of the papers from the line for the outside of this Honey Pop card.I love both sides of these papers, here's just a few designs.

And here's their flip sides, love the woodgrain!The papers are nice and thick and will be great for a lot of projects.

Well, that's all for today! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. Aw that turtle turned out so darn cute.. Can't wait to get them hopefully we have them too at the Hilo Store. LOL! and also I want some of those pretty papers too....

  2. Welcome home! I'm soooo happy BFC is carrying the Authentique paper line! And I saw Tim Holtz demo-ing honey pop and it looks like so much fun to play with!!! Can't wait to see what else BFC is getting from CHA!

  3. Joy, your tutorial was great! I can't wait to go to Ben Franklin Crafts tomorrow and buy some of those new papers. I had some honeycomb paper years ago and it's probably still in my craft room....but where? You've given me a fresh look at an old product. Don't you think the honeycomb paper would make great vintage look Easter cards?

  4. hi joy! i just came home from buying some of that honeycomb paper! can't wait to play with it! thanks!

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