Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maybe a Bit Too Sweet?

Yes, there are times when life is just Too Sweet! I've been making a lot of projects lately with sweets, and so, ummm...well, someone has to eat the leftovers!

Now, I'm craving something salty to balance it all and I know that happens a lot during those "candy seasons" like Easter next week. So, why not make some not-so-sweet treats like Cheeto carrots!

At Ben Franklin Crafts, we have the cone-shaped bags which really work great. Just fill them with some Cheetos or Goldfish (orange colrosnacks) and them tie them up with some green curling ribbon or raffia for the carrot "leaves".You can add a tag with a little Easter message.

Hand them out to family and friends or fill a basket with a bunch to take to the office.Super easy craft, and yes, you can eat the leftovers!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a Super weekend!


  1. I love doing this for Easter treats too... yummy cheetos...

  2. Cute, delicious and easy, whats not to love? lol



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