Monday, April 25, 2016

Make It Monday! Make You Smile!

Last week, we wanted to add some cheer with our felt sunflower. This week, we want to add some smiles with a simple faux terrarium! It's so easy to put together! We even have a project sheet !

First, pick some fun stamp critter designs that you want to inhabit your little world. Here, we stamped and colored some of dandelion designs' cute pandas. Carefully cut them out leaving a little border and set them aside for now.

Take a piece of floral foam or in this case Styrofoam and cut to fit the mason jar you are going to use. Cut apart some greenery bush and stick into the foam to create your little "forest". Glue them in if necessary.

Cover the foam with reindeer moss. making sure to get in between the plants.

Now, take your stamped images and place them within your plants. Use a little glue to hold them in place.

Take the whole piece and place it inside of the mason jar. Add a little more moss around the edges if necessary. You can add in firefly lights, too!

Punch out a 2.5" circle from a scrap of cardstock and write "Smile!" on a it. Tape to the jar lid.

Share this with a friend to bring some smiles or keep it on your desk to brighten your day! Thanks for stopping by today! Have a Happy Crafty week!

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