Monday, April 11, 2016

Make It Monday - Midori Traveler's Style Notebook

It's the start of another week and time for Make It Monday! I know for a lot of you, planners help you stay on top of all the things you HAVE to do and even the things you WANT to do. One popular style is the Midori Traveler's Notebooks. These consist of a bunch of individual notebooks held together in one cover. The system allows you to switch out notebooks with ease. I use this system and I like the idea of being able to have individual notebooks for different things. For instance, I have one set up to keep track of my reading for this year.

Midori sells a lot of different notebook inserts but it's so easy to make your own, too! Here's some easy steps...

Determine the size you want to make. In this case, the notebooks are 4.25" x 8.25", similar to the regular Midori size. Choose a double sided scrapbook paper. This is a great way to use up your stash!
Cut the cardstock 8.5" W x 8.25" H. Place it on the Martha Stewart Score Board with the 8.5" edge along the top. Score at the 4.25" mark.

Do the same for the paper you chose for the inside of the notebook. You can use copy paper, drawing paper even watercolor paper. It all depends on what you want to do with your notebook. The thicker the paper, the less pages you will put in the notebook to keep it from being too bulky.

Take the cardstock and place it on top of the stack of "pages" and align edges. TIP: You can use small binder clips to hold the papers together when stapling. Place the stack onto an old magazine or stack of newspapers. Position the stapler to staple onto the scored middle line.

Staple at least there places: one in the center, one at the top and one at the bottom about 1" away from the edges.

Fold the notebook closed. If you want, you can use the WeR Corner Chomper to round the corners.

Thanks for stopping by today! If you want, we have a project sheet on our website. Now, go make some, I know you're probably thinking about all the different notebooks you could use! Happy Crafting

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  1. So fun and definitely a good way to use up all those pretty papers I hoard! I never thought of using watercolor paper and think this would be great way to start up an art journal. Awesome tips! Thanks!!


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