Monday, April 18, 2016

Make It Monday - Sunflower Hoop

Administrative Professional Day is Wednesday, April 27! why not make a cheerful sunflower to brighten a cubicle?! Or, you can make this easy decoration for Mother's Day, a birthday basically, any occasion! You can get this week's Make it Monday project sheet here.

You can use any size wood embroidery hoop, you'll just have to enlarge the petals and leaves. For the sample, I used a 3" hoop. Separate the inner and outer hoops. If you want, you can paint the hoop rims but it is not necessary.

Place the brown felt piece over the inner hoop. Place the outer hoop back on, stretching the felt taut. tighten the screw to secure.
Trim off the excess felt on the back.
Trace and cut out 14 large petals from the yellow felt and 14 small petals from the gold felt. Run a line of glue along the straight edge and gather to form the petals.

Start with placing one large yellow petal in front of the screw and glue to the hoop outer rim. Glue the rest of the petals all around the hoop.
Place the small gold petals in between the larger yellow petals and glue to top of the hoop rim.

Glue all of the gold petals onto the hoop.

Thread the sewing needle and sew a running stitch down the center of the 7/8" satin edge sheer ribbon.

Gather the ribbon to create a ruffle.

Glue the ruffle around the edge of the gold petals.

You can use readymade buttons or paint some plain wood ones with brown acrylic paint to match the felt.

Glue the buttons onto the center brown felt for "seeds".

Cut the green felt in half. Take one of the halves and fold it in half.

Curve cut the edges to shape into leaves.

Like the petals, run a line of glue along one end and scrunch to make a leaf. Place two leaves behind the hoop and glue in place. Tie a piece of jute to the screw for a hanger.

Give your sunflower away or hang it in your own cubicle to brighten your corner of the world!

Thanks for stopping by today and may your week be filled with Sunshine and Smiles!





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