Thursday, March 11, 2010

A beautiful Thank You!

Spent the last two days in Kona with our company's Hawaii store managers. It's always fun talking crafts with our Ace Hardware guys. They're actually a really creative bunch! Our Kona Ace store manager Kurt M., is our lastest crafty convert as his store now carries a craft dept. with beads, art supplies, basics crafts, seasonal items and paper crafting! So, even though the vog makes for some beautiful sunsets, it can also make you want to stay indoors. Now, you know where to go in West Hawaii to get your craft project supplies!

Came back to my office and received the sweetest piece of mail. It's a Thank You card from Joni H., aka the Pink Bag Lady!Isn't it just beautifully done!I love the design paper she chose and Joni's coloring is definetly something to envy!

I only recently made a tri-shutter card for my sister's birthday, now I really want to try making one of these, too!

Since there's a lot of sections for that card design, a score board would be useful. And although I have a Score-pal, I've been using my MS Score Board a lot lately. Our Ben Franklin Craft stores just received a bunch and everyone's so excited!With the MS Score Board, there are score lines every 1/8".

There's a little storage compartment to store your scoring/bone folder tool and it has some cheat sheets for some basic measurements.

It also comes with an extra tool to help you make envelopes. I still have to try doing that.

The envelope tool slips in a slot at the bottom for storage.

This is how it looks on the bottom.

So, Thank You Joni for the beautiful card which has inspired me for another project!Hope the rest of you have an inspiring day, too. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh boy! Another new MS tool that I HAVE to buy. If you can get the instructions for Joni's card, I would love to learn how she did it. I've done shutter cards before but this one looks a little different....maybe it's just the angle of the photo. Thanks!

  2. Hi Joy~ great card from "the pink bag lady"... hehehe. Love her coloring too! BTW: I have the instructions posted to my blog if you're interested. It's my Feb 18th posting (birthday card & template). Hope you give it a try... it's pretty easy to make (just looks complicated)! Have a great weekend!

  3. OHHH! Thanks, Brenda! I know other people are wondering how to make it, too.It's such a great design.

    Much Mahalos and have a great weekend!

  4. that was an insane thank you card i've never have seen a card like that. that's awesome i love it!


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