Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Honey-Do? Honey Does!

I really like all of the new paper designs that have been coming into the Ben Franklin stores. They all have their own look yet they can go with some of the older designs as well, great for people like me who have stashes! A lot of the new paper has glitter, too.Seeing all the new stuff just makes you want to make something!

Which I did! Do you like it? I used the cute Honey Bee paper from American Crafts, some core'dinations cardstock and I found these cute honey bee stickers for the magnets.I have a tin sheet behind so that I can also use magnets as well as dry erase. In fact, a clip magnet is holding the Bistro Chalk Marker in the corner.

Here's a closer look. I embossed the core'dinations, sanded it and then I punched the edge with MS Drippy Goo to make it look like honey. I finally used my Cricut for the lettering!(Penny would be so proud!)

Actually, a Honey-Do list is really a joke because my Honey does a lot for me and always wants to do more. I, on the other hand, like to do things for myself, Miss Independance and all. But, he still does a lot for me and I always want to help, too. Which means I'm always saying "Can't we wash my car next week? It's gonna rain anyway!" If you've seen my car, you'll know who usually gets her way, LOL!

I know most of you are like me and would rather be scrappin' a page on washing a car than actually washing your car, but I guess it has to be done one day! Oh, well. Thanks for stopping by today and hope you're having a creative week, too!Happy Girls' Day, too!


  1. I think I might just make one of these "Honey-Do" lists...hahaha! Happy girl's day too!

  2. ah, just leave the car out in the rain...well, at least here on the Windward side it works! Love your board. wish I could have a "honey-do" instead I have a "honey don't do" or "honey no can." hahahaha! love all those new DP! uh, oh! more to hoard! heehee!

  3. Joy, I really,really like this project. I bought a tin sheet to make a memo board for myself. Now I think I will do a dry erase/ magnet board. I'm getting very forgetful in my old age and hopefully a reminder board will help me AND my Honey.


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