Friday, March 5, 2010

Does Spring mean Cleaning?!

Although in Hawaii, most people have already done their "spring cleaning" in late December in preparation for New Year's, March is when you see a lot of articles and tips on how to clean. On a lot blogs, people are always commenting on how to organize their craft areas so they can have more time and room to craft. For instance, Teri  shared a tour of her craft room and how she keeps her different supplies organized. That was great, TFS, Teri!

Last year , I came across this blog, Organize Your Stuff Challenge. It's 29 weeks of organizing your craft room, one topic per week.Check it out, it has some great ideas.

I know the people in my office must be laughing at the irony of me advising people to clean because my office is a total mess right now. It's a Mom's worst nightmare! I have stacks of boxes of samples, papers, reports and because I'm on a mad crafting craze, there... is... stuff... everywhere! The weird thing is, it doesn't prevent people from squeezing in to talk to me. I have a little path to the door for them to stand in.And, I'm crafting out of a suitcase, literally!

Well there, I shared. I do have some cleaning dates on my calendar in the near future. But for now, just want to Thank all of you for stopping by today and Have a Great weekend!


  1. You're so funny Joy! I have a trail in my craft room. It's awful! Kyoko said her goal this year is to organize my craft room. Hahahah! Maybe she can organize your office! Heehee! Have a great crafting weekend!

  2. What a cute post! I know that some of us have a really unorganized office, and as much as possible, we want to keep it clean. But for some unavoidable reasons, it just doesn't get cleaned.

    I also have a messy office and to make our office clean, our company always call the Minneapolis building maintenance group to clean our messy and dirty office. In Minneapolis, office cleaning shops are trusted and has great cleaning services that we love so much.

    Anyways, thanks for the post!


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