Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Just for Kids!

Trafiic is lighter...hmmm must be Spring Break! Well, if your keiki are looking for something to do,here's an idea. 3-D puzzles. They come in a variety of designs like motorcycles, planes and of course, animals. A good beginner one is this butterfly. You can paint it up anyway you want, add some glitter, possibilities are endless!

Or how about a good 'ol dinosaur? There's a couple of different ones to choose from.These two made up samples were "spocked" at the Pearl City BFC and made by their staff.

But these puzzles are not just for kids, they make great Father's Day gifts and centerpieces. especially this Koi for a yakudoshi!

Or, in two years, it'll be the Year of the Dragon!

The wood puzzles come in sheets and you need to punch out the pieces. You can lightly sand any rough edges. I made the Koi when we first got these in and here's my tip for puzzles with a lot of pieces. The instruction sheet has a replica drawing of the sheets of wood with each piece numbered. Either go through and number each wood piece in pencil or keep the wood sheets intact and punch out the pieces as you need them. This will help keep your pieces organized because some pieces are very similar in size. The best part is it doesn't require gluing!

So, instead of being puzzled on what to do to keep busy, make a 3-D puzzle!
Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're all enjoying Spring Break!


  1. Hmmm-m-m I never looked closely at these puzzles. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. The dragon one is especially attractive.

  2. Hi Joy! Wow, I want to try making the carp puzzle ... I LOVE PUZZLES ... I used to make those HUGE oriental puzzles they used to sell at Shirokiya!

  3. Thought I would venture out of the paperart dept. in the store which led me to those puzzles.Happy that you like them, too!


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