Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chillaxing with some Crafting

A Big Mahalo to Brenda for doing my homework for me. I loved the card that Joni H. had sent me so she let me know that she had posted the directions on her sweetasagumdrop blog on Feb. 18th. If you haven't visited before, you gotta check out Brenda's creations, they are so cool!

So, I tried making one of those cards today. It was raining off and on throughout the day, so I chose some cheery orange colors to shoo the clouds away.These are some of  the new DPs that arrived in the stores.This is how it looks when the card is closed.

And this is how it looks when it's opened up.It isn't really for anyone because I just wanted to try the design of the card, that's why there's no sentiment. Yet.

I worked on this card between loads of laundry. Which I know Cheryl probably finds amusing. You see, I used to tease Cheryl that she seemed to always be doing the laundry when she posted her projects! But you know, it makes sense to multi task in a fun way!

Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to stop by. Hope next week brings a lot of smiles and Happy Crafting!


  1. Gee Joy, you did an excellent job on your card. I love your color choices. I've been working on the same format since you told me how to find Brenda's blog entry for the measurements. Mine is a birthday card and it should be done soon. I'll post it when I'm finished. I work slower than you. LOL

  2. great card! it looks like it would be hard to make, but, it's super easy, huh?! Love the colors!

  3. FAB card Joy! I have yet to try making this card, but it's surely on my to do list.


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