Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Days of valentines - Day 12 Message in the Bottle

Sometimes, you just want a little something to remind people how much you love them. A message in the bottle is perfect for that. They can keep it on their desk at work, in their car or carry it around in their purse.

Start with a tiny glass bottle with a cork stopper.

Need some cording and a little charm is a nice touch.
I tied the cording around the top of the bottle and added the charm.
Cut a strip of paper about 1/4" x 11". Write your message on it.

Roll the paper up and place it in the bottle. DONE!
You can make a bunch and it doesn't cost you a lot to do! Go on, spread the Love!

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  1. i was looking for these the other day i was shopping. these are so cute!


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