Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Days of Valentines - Day 13 Confetti Heart

I guess you gotta have some chocolate for Valentine's Day, right? Here's a simple candy you can make yourself in just a few minutes!

You'll need some Melt 'n Mold chocolate, a heart cookie cutter, some confetti sprinkles, wax paper, a flat plate or tray and something to melt the chocolate in. I use the Wilton disposable clear decorating bags and a glass bowl or jar. You'll also need a refrigerator.

Take one bag and put some chocolate in. Place the bag in a bowl or jar as I did and melt in the microwave. I start with just 20 seconds to see if it is melted. The time depends on how much chocolate you are melting at a time and your microwave. It is better to microwave in short intervals than to overmelt your chocolate.

Place some wax paper onto a clean flat plate or tray. Place your cookie cutter onto the wax paper.Cut the tip of the bag and squeeze the chocolate into the cookie cutter without moving the cutter.

Smooth out the surface.

Add your confetti sprinkles.

Place the chocolate filled heart into the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes to harden the chocolate. Pop the chocolate out of the cookie cutter. Place in a small bag or a box to give as a gift.


  1. I've always said that I would do these melted chocolate treats and I will! This one is so cute and it really did make my stomach growl. Awww...salivating now! Slobber, slobber! Okay, this one is a favorite too.


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