Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Friends and some New Friends!

I've been having so much FUN at all of our 60th Anniversary celebrations. Getting to meet a lot of new people and making some new friends, too!

In September, one of our OC16 Ohana came to host our celebration at Mapunapuna. Tony Solis of "Eh, U da Kine, Ah?!" is a really nice and funny guy! Happy we got to work together!Thanks, Tony! You did a Super Job!

On Kauai and on Maui, I got to make a new friend in Lauren Cheape aka Miss Hawaii 2011! I've gotten to know a number of Miss Hawaii's over the years and Lauren is probably the most energetic one of all! She is so fun to be around!Also on Maui, we had Justin Cruz, gee...miss him on the radio! He's one super cool dude!

Every time I go to Maui and see, Kris we always would forget to take photos! We're always busy doing crafts with people! So glad she rememberedd for us this time. We got to craft right next to each other in the mall's center court! Her table was crazy busy!

Look at the sweet gifts Kris made for me! Oooh, and she even gave me some onolicious cookies, I think I have a few left!LOL!

On my table I did this 60th Anniversary "Limited Edition" purse as my first project. each one was unique because they all got to choose their own design to emboss.

And I made a new friend, Cymbree. Isn't her finished bag adorable!

The second project I did that day was the Penguin lollipop Covers. If you scroll down to my earlier post, you'll see how easy they are to make!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're having an Awesome week!


  1. Had a super fun time!! and so glad you put my table next to yours!! i was eager to just jump on your table and make a bag too! LOL!! i'll admit as well, i think i have a few cookies left in my stash! =D sick and all i've been nibbling.... Thank you!!! See you again soon!!

  2. Wow Joy, looks like you had fun island hopping for BFC's 60th! You got some very nice goodies from Chris, you lucky girl.
    I love the 60th anniversary purse, wish I could make one. TFS

  3. Oh boy, looks like it was a HUGE celebration at BF Maui. Sure wish I was there for the fun and make 'n takes. Will you be coming to Hilo soon? :-) Nice photos too. I spy Kris. :-)

  4. Ooh my comment disappeared again!
    I was the first to comment yesterday when you had it posted and whew it vanished....
    I guess I will leave you another comment...
    I can't exactly recall how I worded my first comment.... but I remember saying that how nice to be among all those celebrities on Kauai and Maui....and how luck to receive all those pretty gifts that Kris made for you.....

  5. Eh U da Kine Ah . . . so famous! :) I like your autograph! hee, hee! Wow, looks like you had a blast seeing and meeting everyone . . . oh, luv that pic of you and Kris! :)


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