Sunday, October 16, 2011

October's second show!

Geez, this month is going by really fast! The second Joy of Crafting for October premieres tonight with some last minute Halloween ideas as well as some Christmas.

The show starts with Jenny Floro from Enchanted Lake BFC. She starts with a paper mache cone with base and turns it into a cool Witch's Hat centerpiece.Here's a project sheet.

Later, you can turn the hat into a Christmas tree decoration like these, just use your imagination!

Then, Lynn Hashino from our Mapunapuna BFC shares with us a cute jewelry project that is perfect as a gift or just to wear yourself!

Lynn shows us how easy it is to make a cute pendant, she even shares some cool crafting techniques with a nail clipper! You can use the same technique to make these bracelets, just change up the connecting findings.

Lastly, I show you how to make a Box Card! I make a Halloween version but you can use it for other occassions, too. It can even hold a gift card, a small piece of chocolate or even put a photo inside! We do have a project sheet, too.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're having a great weekend! Don't forget 6:30 pm tonight (when this show premieres) is the deadline to answer  the Facebook Friday question on the Joy of Crafting FB page! Happy Crafting!


  1. Such fun sharings!!! have it on DVR!! so i can watch while crafting... =D

  2. Hi Joy,
    What great projects! I bought some of the glass tiles, haven't finished the projects yet, but I'll share them with you when I'm done.
    I like Lynn's bracelets, they're gorgeous!
    See you on TV.

  3. Oh cool! Thanks for the project sheet, I may have to try that when I get a chance. I have so many projects, so little time. Woe is me...hahaha! I need to see if your show is online!


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