Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's Play Twitter Tuesday!

OK, so I just sent out my Twitter Tuesday question. Now, I understand some of you may not have a Twitter handle...but I'll let you play, too!

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Look over there, to the right...see the Twitter feed? It has the question. But instead of tweeting back, I'll let you answer here by leaving a comment.
THNX 4 stoppG by 2day! Have a Tweet Day!


  1. Is it 9 years Joy? I can't remember. Lol!

  2. Well I'm thinking and guessing at the same time, I think I know - 8 1/2 yrs. ago.....

  3. 9 years!!! and counting!!! whoops, did i get that right?!? i did read that yesterday.. =D

  4. Hi Joy!
    It's 9 years, I read that on another post. Hehehe.
    Mmmmm...we're all going to be winners!

  5. ooPS I'm going to change it to 9, just back tracked and found the correct answer....


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