Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Penguin Lollipop Covers how-tos

Hello, Happy Tuesday! Can you say "Penguin Pops from paper punched pieces" five times really fast?! OK, untwist your tongue!LOL!

I just wanted to share my how-tos for making the Penguin Lollipop covers I did as a make-it and take-it at last Saturday's 60th Celebration on Maui. It's all made with punches, which is really great since the Marvy Uchida punches are on sale at our Ben Franklin Craft stores until the end of October.

Here's what you need: Black cardstock, white cardstock, Bazzill Bling Glitz Blue cardstock, orange cardstock, red cardstock, printed cardstock, Marvy Uchida Shipping Tag - Giga (purple), MU Oval - Mega (pink), MU Oval - Super (blue) , MU Heart Punch - Extra Jumbo(yellow), MU Star - Standard (orange), MU Star - Jumbo (green), EK Success 5/16" circle, Fiskars 1/4" hole punch, Fiskars 1/4" Heart punch,Sakura Quickie Glue Pen, Meriken Double stick tape (3/6" or 1/4"), Galaxy Marker - Broad White, ribbon for bow and a See's lollipop.

First you need to punch out a white oval with the MU oval punch - super (blue).

Next, use the EK Success5/16" punch to make two circles for the eyes.

Take a scrap of the Bazzill Bling -Glitz Blue and tape to the backside, covering the openings of the holes.

Take the Fiskars 1/4" hole punch and punch a hole in each of the blue circle eyes.

Punch out an oval with the MU oval punch - mega (pink) in black cardstock. Place the white oval on top of the black oval and tape in place.The black will show through the openings of the eyes.

Use a broad Galaxy marker in white and make a small dot in each eye for highlights.

Punch a star from orange cardstock using the MU star punch - jumbo (green). Cut one of the triangular tips off for the beak. Glue the beak below the eyes, using a Sakura Quickie glue pen.

Use the Fiskars 1/4" heart punch and punch put two hearts in red cardstock. Glue on either side of the beak for the "cheeks"

Punch out two mini stars with the MU star punch - standard (orange) from orange cardstock. At the bottom of the penguin, place the two stars behind the body with three points sticking out. Tape from the back for the feet.

Punch a tag from printed cardstock using the MU shipping tag punch - giga (purple). Punch a 1/4" hole about 1/2" from the point of the tag. Place the penguin on the tag above the hole and tape in place.

Take the MU heart punch - extra jumbo (yellow) and punch out one heart from black cardstock. Cut the heart in half. Place one half on either side of the body for the wings. Tape in place.

Slip the See's lollipop behind the tag, putting the stick through the hole. Tape the tag to the lollipop wrapper Tie a bow with the ribbon around the stick below the tag.

It's a really easy project to do, I had lots of little kids making them as well as the adults. Have fun!
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  1. This was a super cute project!! DD1 loves hers... will post the one she made!! =D

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I love your punched penguin!

  3. Hi Joy!
    Love this creation look so pretty and adorable. Great Job!
    Greetings from Puerto Rico


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