Saturday, June 11, 2011

ALOHA FRIDAY #2 - WOW! What a sweet surprise!

It's ALOHA work 'til Monday...I know some of you lucky crafters get to start your weekend today since it's a holiday! Yipee! More time to craft!

I have a story to share for this Aloha about ALOHA! This week didn't start off too good. On Monday morning, I finally accepted the fact that I need to get a new vehicle. My poor Blazer is turning 13 this month and it is showing it's age. The lastest thing is I can no longer open my back gate. Now that's a big deal for me because as Cheryl will tell you, most of the Joy of Crafting set fits in the back of my Blazer. People are always amazed how I fit it all, counter, shoji screen and trees!

So, I was pretty bummed by the time I got home. But, in the mail I received a package from my Secret Sister Swap. I actually took the plunge in April and signed up for Kris' SSS. Look at the beautiful cards Kim Yu sent me!

And look at the great RAK she sent along with the cards. I believe she makes all of these embellies!

Kim was so cute, too. She apologized for being so late but to me...Kim you had perfect timing! Opening that package just brightened my day! Like I about ALOHA!

So, for this week's Aloha Friday, I'm going to have another contest. NO, I don't want advice on what kind of car to get, I'm still trying to sort through alof the computer advice!LOL!

What you can leave a comment on is to share one of your surprise moments that made you happy. Again. leave your comment by Wednesday 12 noon and we'll pick a Wednesday Winnah that afternoon!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Isn't it great when your day or week isn't going so well and you come home to HAPPY mail?! i've had that happen to me a lot!!! day/week not going so good but then that surprise RAK comes to the door!! and it truly puts a smile on my face!! hehe, sorry i know you said one thing but i can't choose one because they are all surprises and all from wonderful friends!! =D TFS your goodies!!

  2. Oh no, life will never be the same without your Blazer. It still amazes me how much stuff fits in there. Sorry to hear about your week but next week will be great! Yes, receiving surprise raks in the mail can brighten up anyones day. I love it when I get samples of new products in the mail. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Joy,
    I must say, when it rains, it pours. First the computer, now your poor Blazer. From what Cheryl mentioned in her comment, sounds like you might need a minivan? Hah!
    I definitely love receiving RAKS, the unexpectedness (is that a word)always brings dampness to my eyes.
    Thanks for having this contest Joy.

  4. Hi Joy! Awwww your poor Blazer, seem like you could put a lot of stuff. I have a CRV and definitely I can put a lot of things in it too especially the seats can go down. Well I love surprise and love reciving happy mail too. My friend surprise me one time when I was really sick she just came by to drop off soup and some goodies to help me feel better, she couldn't stick around and hang out because I didn't want her to catch my cold. I just love the simple thing that people does without telling them but the kindness of their hearts that they followed. Hope your week starts off great. And good luck in finding that right car for you.

  5. Sorry to hear about all your technological and automotive troubles, but at least you got that nice surprise to lift your spirits. A surprise moment I had was just last month. I was so stressed with school. Seeing my friends and classmates post facebook events to invite people to their graduation wasn't helping. I was going to participate in the ceremony too, but I didn't feel confident that I'd pass a class and I still had summer school, so that just left me kind of bummed. Well one day I got on facebook and saw that my best friend made an event for me, since I didn't make one for myself. He said some really sweet things which made me tear up a bit. His confidence in me and his actions and words sincerely touched me. Yay for awesome best friends!

  6. I admire you for being loyal to your Blazer! I use my cars till they cant go any more too! I can't wait to see what you get next! Im also happy that gift came in the mail for you on Aloha Friday! I had an excellent Friday because the postman brought me two crafting magazines! I love getting inspiration and it always motivates me to go and clean my craft space and start crafting!!

  7. Hey Joy~
    :( poor Blazer, my you RIP! You just need to get a van! I had my 4-Runner until kid #3 came along, then I got the van. I disliked the van 'cause I wanted to be a hip mommy, but no can fit a family of 5 in my 4-Runner. Now, I luv it! Imagine all the stuff you could fit in a van and then some. :)

    Ok, my surprise, happy moment? That's easy . . . kid #3! :)


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