Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Winnah!

Thank You to all 12 of you who left a comment on last week's Aloha Friday post. I love the stories you shared and I am so amazed that so many people used to go bowling! No golfers? Yeah, me, too, golfing is just too hot for me and the ball is so small I cannot see!At least with bowling, the ball comes back to you and get air-con!LOL!

So, today, I had our summer intern, Amy, help me pick the winnah from my trusty all purpose recycled DVD Cover (you can tell I use it for everything!) Amy is a really cool college student who is studying animation, and she is REALLY GOOD. Another tidbit, she also won a web contest and her prize was...1000 Pop Tarts!Can you imagine?!

OK, kept you in suspense long enough, and the winnah is...

Congratulations, 1LuvnMama! Glad you liked the Two for Tuesday project because it is coming your way with your $25 BFC gift card!

Thanks again everyone for playing and sharing. Enjoy the rest of the week and check back tomorrow for the Tech Thursday!


  1. Oh wow! Thank you Joy and thank you Amy! :) (rubbing my hands together) What do I wanna get with the g.c.? I can't take it and I can't think right now! Oh me oh my, and the MME too! You're too much! Killin' me! I just enjoy stoppin' by everyday to see what's happening, so much fun Joy! :) Thanks so much again!

  2. Yay! CONGRATS MAMA! She is so deserving of this booty! I know she'll make wonderful cards and projects with her winnings!


  3. Congrat's to 1LuvnMama!!!! :-)


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