Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tech Thursday - Basic Wire Wrapped Loop

Crafters always love to embellish their projects, so it's good to know how to make a basic wire wrapped loop. For this technique, I needed some extra hands so I could take the photos, so I got some help from Shari at the Mapunapuna Bead shoppe.There is more than one way to make a wire wrapped loop, most are very similar. This is just one way.

We start off using a chain nose jewelry pliers to hold our piece of wire.

Next, we bend the wire to a 45 degree angle.

Change to a round nose jewelry pliers to hold the wire at the bend.

Take the end of the wire and bend it over the top of the round nose pliers.

 Your wire should look something like this.

Keep wrapping the wire until it goes almost completely around forming a loop.

Remove the round nose pliers and hold the loop with the chain nose pliers.Wrap the wire around tightly just below the loop.

One completed wrap.

Continue to make a few more wraps...

Keep the wraps closely next to each other without any spaces in between for a nice finish.

Use a flush cutter to trim off the excess wire.

Always use your hand to cover the area before cutting, in case the wire flies when it is cut.

To make this into a bead link, add a bead onto the wire.

Next, you will need to make another wrapped loop on the other end of the bead.Start by holding the wire next to the bead with your chain nose pliers.

Repeat the wire wrapping process, start by bending the wire 45 degrees...

With all of the new Sizzix jewjelry making dies coming out as wellas the cute dangly beaded embellishmentw people are putting on their cards, I think basic wire wrapping skills can come in handy!

Thank You to Shari for helping me being my "hands"!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope your week has been going well. Don't forget to check out tomorrow's Aloha Friday post!


  1. Great tutorial Joy! This would work perfect with those new Sizzix dies. Guess I'll have to try this technique soon. Did you find your new wheels? What about your puter?

  2. thanks for sharing.... that's something i'll need to try... it will count down on buying premade ones... =D

  3. Not only was that a great tutorial, those photos were excellent. Why can't I take close-up pictures as clear as yours?

  4. Thanks for sharing. That is something I really need to give this a try. Have a great weekend.

  5. I've used this technique before. They don't turn out as nice though. I need more practice.

  6. Hey Joy,
    Great tutorial!
    As you can see I'm playing catch-up with everyone's blog again.
    Hugs to you.


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