Friday, June 17, 2011

Aloha Friday - 'Nuff Said!

Yup, it's finally Aloha Friday! So, you know it's time for another game and chance to win a $25 gift card! OK, Speaking of games, do you participate in any kind of sports? I sorta do :) Actually, I was in a bowling league this past year. The league is mostly made up of retired teachers and DOE admins, so I'm actually one of the "young" bowlers! LOL! I must say, at first it was a little weird bowling against my old 9th grade P.E. teacher, but he's cool!

Here I am talking to my bowling ball to make sure it knows that I want a strike!I find talking to the ball gives it much needed encouragement.

I'm not very good but I must say I've improved, I lowered my handicap by 12 points. Ummm...did I mention I started with a 72 handicap! OK, I know that's a lot but like I said I'm a beginner.

This is my all time highest score, scratch 180!

Tomorrow will be my last day for this year because I will be busy at BFC events the next few Saturdays. I will miss these fun bowlers because they were very encouraging and patient with me. They also like crafts, even the men.

So, 'nuff already about me, what about you? Leave a comment telling what sports you participate in besides crafts. Yes, crafts is a sport sometimes, especially when you're making 200 handmade invitations over one weekend! And if you don't do a sport, leave a comment anyway about your favorite spectator sport or if you still see your old school teachers around.Leave your comment by next Wednesday 12 noon HST and you could be the next Wednesday winnah!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope all of you have a SUPER GREAT Weekend!


  1. Way to go Joy! I used to bowl in a league many moons ago while I was in college. But now days, all I do is go walking and maybe biking. So no sports for me but I like watching basketball. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love bowling, too, though my average is usually around 99. :) I'm a fencer. Yes, that's crazy in the Hawaiian heat. It's something my husband and I and friends can do together.

  3. I've been bowling a total of 3 times, so I'm awful, but it's fun! I don't really participate in any sports and the only sport I watch is volleyball when my friend(s) play. I'm not a big sports fan.

  4. Believe it or not I used to bowl too. But my handicap never changed- always at 79!!! I think that's why my team liked me- I was female (mixed doubles so needed female) and high handicap! But that was another life... now I like swimming and Wii games like Just Dance!

  5. wow! for a not so good bowler, you're really good!! when I play it seems that the object of the game is to leave as many pins standing! LOL!
    Basketball is the sport for me and my kids. We're at it year round and especially love watching college and NBA and sometimes WNBA!

  6. Woohoo! STRRRRRRRIKE! ;) I'm no good at bowling but played softball for 2nd grade to my final year as a Senior in high school. Now I just support my oldest son as he plays soccer and t-ball. Next year should be interesting . . . my DD will be playing soccer too! :)

  7. Wow Joy! Looks like your a good bowler :) I'm not a good bowler but I love to play volleyball. Didn't take any sports in school beside P.E. haha oh well wish I took some afterschool sports. I was too busy in the Health Academy program in high school.

  8. Honestly, I'm a klutz. Sports aren't for me. (I played volleyball in elementary school and the only way I really ended up hitting the ball was with my head when I didn't react fast enough. :/)

    Unfortunately I don't watch a lot of sports either. I watch the Olympics, but that's pretty much it. LoL. Sometimes if I'm really bored and have nothing else to do I'll watch baseball or something with my brother.


    (Oh, and I'm commenting just to comment. I don't think I should be entered in anything because I work at Hilo Ben. :D )

  9. i like bowling and wished i paid more attention to it... my uncle use to be a coach and one easter, when i was like 6 or 7, he bought me a pretty easter pink bowling ball... i was SO mad... LOL.. at that time, didn't care for the sport... i use to paddle canoe in middle school and play volleyball too... still LOVE volleyball, but um, i'm a little out of shape to play! haha!

    i still see most of my HS teachers around... some of them remember me by name!! yikes, does that mean i was kolohe?!? hehe!

    so glad you got to bowl and like it... if we had a better alley, i would take it up again! =D

  10. Hi Joy!
    I'm not a true sports person, just a once in a while kind of thing like the old cosmic bowling, wee golf, hiking etc.
    However, my husband and I joined a racewalking club nearly 20 years ago. Hubby won quite a few medals for his age group, I won a couple. There's no more club, couldn't get enough judges for the race routes, but we still have a smaller group of friends that we walked with. I believe we've turned into a slower walk group, then, "where we gonna eat?" group now. LOL. Well, that's the skinny on my achievement on sports.
    Have a great week!

  11. Hi Joy!

    I'm not the sports type although I did play a season of basketball in the 8th grade...didn't know what the heck I was doing and mostly kept the bench warm for my team mates at games! :-)

  12. Hi Joy: I bowled in league before but my handicap was the highest you could go! Now I do cardio tennis and zumba, which is a lot of fun!


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