Friday, June 3, 2011

Computers...just can't live without 'em!

---- Sorry Long Post, but it'll be worth reading!----

Boy, the last few weeks has been such a digital mess! First, my personal laptop died. Then, my work laptop got hijacked by a NASTY virus!

Thank Goodness for my IT Gods & Goddesses. That's what I call them! Thanks to them, my work laptop is working. It took a village to rescue this poor little Dell from the Nasty clutches of those hackers. There's still some weird things, like I can't bring up my photos, even though I can see a shadow of them in the file. But at least I can do my work pretty much. (Not so good news for my personal one.)

Anyway, these computer crashes spoiled my June 1st blog plans but I decided better late than never, so here goes...

"When you give a mouse a cookie..." Most times that's how I think, too, one thing just leads to another and another and...

So for June, I was thinking June means SUMMER, which to most people means VACATION! And a lot of people take a trip to Disneyland. Which is a THEME park. So, that's how I thought of making June into my THEME month. Got it?

So, in June, here's what's going to happen:

Makeover Mondays - the featured project will be something that has been recycled, re-surfaced or re-purposed.
Two for Tuesdays - featuring 2 projects from the same theme or product
Wednesday Winnahs! - Either a new contest would be announced and/or the winners of the week's before contest
Tech Thursday - How-tos on a craft technique
ALOHA Fridays -  Anything Goes!
Weekend Getaways - Taking a creative journey with different types of projects

So, today is the first ALOHA Friday and I'm so happy that I have at least one working computer that I want to share my happiness with one of you! Now, I'm going to get a new personal laptop but I don't know what kind. I have a small group of MACkies telling me I should get a MAC so I don't get viruses and then others saying just go get a cheap PC.

So, here's the deal. Leave a comment on what you think I should get PC or MAC and what you do with your computer that's crafty. Leave your comment by Wednesday, 6/8 @ 12 noon. I'll randomly pick a winner for Wednesday's Winnahs and they'll get a $25 Ben Franklin Gift Card!

Thanks for letting me vent about my computers and I hope you have a GREAT weekend!May you and your computer stay safe!


  1. MAC BABY!!! You know (or at least I think you know...I'm a MAC Girl!) My bother's also a tech and if you need help I can help even if I'm afar, I do it all the time w/my gf Les who lives there. I just share screens with her and work my magic (^_^) If not, my bro does it. Anyhow, I own4 Mac's in my household, iPad, iPod and you know I'm down with MAC!!!! Good luck on your search/decision. LMK if you have any questions or point of view that your other friends don't have (if I can help)


  2. Hey Joy! Sorry about your computer woes . . . been there and it ain't fun so I definitely sympathize with ya!

    I'd say MAC! I have a MAC and PC, but prefer the MAC. I basically do word processing and Photoshop stuff (editing & creating). Not much of a techie but I do what I can and play around when time allows! :)

    Oh how fun that you've got some fun stuff lined up! :) I may just have to check ya out! Sounds like fun and I hope I can participate! Have a great weekend!


  3. Awww sorry to hear about your Computer. I had the same problem couple weeks ago and now it's back to normal since my hobby fix computers for a living. I heard MAC is a good computer to work with but my hubby state it's harder to fix. Good luck in finding the right computer for you. Sound like fun what you have in store for us and can't wait to hear more about it. Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. Oh poor computers!!! they've been through alot huh!! surgery , but unfortunately, one passed on!! =( but glad that you are able to be back on and posting again!!

    hmmm, i only have a PC and haven't had the opportunity to play with a MAC yet so i can't help you there!!

    i do all my blogging, email and uploading of pixs on both my desk top and laptop... nothing too crafty unless i'm doing my own sentiments... but easy peasy kine on WP... that's about it... oh and how can i forget internet shopping... hehe!!

    glad to have you back again!! =D

  5. I'm not computer savvy but I would suggest getting a good virus protection software. Had a problem with my Dell and they suggested I purchase the System Mechanic program to "fix" problems as they arise. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

  6. Joy, just get a MAC! I had been a windows user for 14 years and when I jumped the fence and bought my iMac last year, I have been so happy with it. No more viruses! Plus it's great for photos and scrapbooking, movie making, dvd's, etc... Good luck!

  7. Yikes! Computer problems are never fun. D:

    Personally, I'd get a MAC. I've gone through Compaq, Dell, and Sony Vaio laptops and had big problems with all of them within a couple of years of getting them. I've had a MacBook for about three years now and only had minor issues with it (mostly with the case of the computer...not with the hardware.)

    Good luck!

  8. I've had Dells all my life. Everytime I have a problem and have to call tech support, I say "never again" but here I am today, with 2 Dell laptops and 1 Dell desktop. Auwe! I'm sure you'll make the right choice for yourself.

  9. I think we've all been there with the virus infested PC's. I mostly just use them to do my homework, go online, and store my music, pictures, and videos. I've done some photo and video editing as well, but nothing too fancy.

    I've had a PC computer and laptop for about 9 years. My computer only lasted so long because I didn't have internet for about 4 of those years and both my laptop and computer pretty much died around the same time last year because of viruses. Then I had to make a decision on whether I wanted to invest in a MAC or a new PC. I went for a MAC laptop simply because I needed something to last me a while without having to worry about viruses and it needed to be a laptop because I needed to be able to bring it to school with me for one of my classes.

    So here are some points to consider. For PC's, yes they're less expensive than MAC's (depending on what programs you have already installed, memory, and so forth), they're more compatible with programs so you don't have to search for the little MAC Compatible notice on software boxes and such, but you'd still have to pay for anti-virus, which could add up and possibly still end up with a virus on your computer anyway. If you want to do more things with your PC (photoshop, edit videos, play video games, etc.) you'll definitely need more memory which means paying more, so it could be a similar price to a MAC.

    As for MAC's, you don't have to worry about viruses. They are more expensive, but considering the life span of a MAC it's a good investment. As I mentioned before there are software that need to be MAC compatible in order to work and some programs don't, which bugs me.

    Another thing to consider when looking into getting a MAC is whether you want a macbook or an iMac. A classmate once told me that he'd rather buy a PC laptop and a MAC desktop because an iMac has more memory and could hold more pictures, videos, music, ect. and it'd be a better choice of you plan on editing all of that. He says the PC laptop would just be cheaper, especially if it's just for little things like writing papers and surfing the internet because that doesn't take up a lot of memory.

    Sorry for the novel, but those are the main points that helped me to make my decision in picking a new laptop and hopefully they'll help you to make yours.

    Good Luck!
    - Joy

  10. Get a Mac!!! I love using mine for scrapbooking, and also for reading you blogs. If you get Apple Care, you should have no problems!!

  11. Wow - this is a huge decision you're gonna have to make. For me, I have an HP and am very happy with it. I've thought about getting a Mac but finances said otherwise. Plus, since we use PCs at work, I didn't wanna have to learn a new system to play on at home (laziness to da max). Hmm, as far as crafty things I do on my pc goes, mostly blogging (recently switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox cuz Blogger wasn't cooperating with IE), editing my pictures for my posts and updating my Cricut Gypsy that I recently got. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be the right decision for you! Can't wait to hear and see what you get!!! Take care Joy!


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