Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday Winnahs!

OK, I know it's Thursday, but I got kicked off Blogger when I was trying to write my posts. Sorry ,day late, but not a dollar short!

I really have many bosses, but I was able to get my boss from Hilo, JP to help pick the winnah!

And the winnah is...

Congratulations, Samantha!

And Thank You All for playing my games all month long. It was fun getting to know the not so crafty sides of you. Stay tuned as I play catch up with Blogger. Check the post below for the Bird Nest Jewelry I made for Two for Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!!!

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  1. Thanks Joy and JP!!! So excited!!! :-) Thank you so much! Off to email you back in a minute. You made my day! :-)

    -Sam :-)


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