Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aloha Friday - Freaky Friday!

OK, this Aloha Friday started out to be more of a Freaky Friday. First, my Tech Thursday post goes on the wrong blog! Thanks for all of you who checked it out.Then, I had a JoC show to tape.

Boy, all I can say is, I sure had a lot of bloopers in my segment!

Anyway, as you saw for Tech Thursday, we are having a Crafting Carnival at the Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Craft store on Saturday from 10 am to 3pm. I'm doing 2 make n takes, first from 11 - 12 then from 1-2, hope to see you there!

Carnivals...I went to McKinley High School and we used to have a carnival every February. I was in band and it was our job to work the booths that collected the scripts for the rides. Carnival weekend was so much fun because we worked and played all weekend long. Each class had their own game booth and that was fun, too. Gee, I miss those days...

So, why don't you tell me your favorite carnival memories! Leave a comment by Wednesday 12 noon HST and you may win a prize!

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  1. ooooh i love carnivals... we use to have a semi big one (Jaycee's Carnival) in July but they did away with it about 9-10 years ago, maybe longer... now the only thing we have is the big county fair and some school fundraisers... back in my kids time days, it was all about the rides and games... nowadays, it's all about the food and crafts... LOL.. thanks for taking us down to memory lane.... have a great weekend!!

  2. I don't go to carnivals much since every time I go I ALWAYS end up sick the next day. As for my favorite memory... I guess it would be the first time I rode on the Wild Cat. I was never really good with heights and I was really little at the time, too. So going on that ride was pretty hard core... eventhough my eyes were shut the whole time. (^_^)

  3. Well, you know my carnival memories are pretty much the same as yours, since we were mostly in those tiny ride booths together! I guess we were lucky to have those carnivals since the MHS students today don't have them. Now I work at the Punahou carnival each February. So far I have sold scrip (very stressful job!) and helped make malasada batter.

  4. Awww too bad I miss the Ben Franklin carnival today had some family activities. I just love carnival especially the yummy food and having fun with some of the rides. Have a great weekend.

  5. I Missed all of that going on. I've been away from the cpu since Fri. lol! I don't have too many carnival memories, but I have some advice. Don't get cotton candy when it's 90 degree's out. lol! The last carnival I went to with my little brother about 4 years ago we got cotton candy and it literally melted all over our shoes and the parking lot. lol! Not a great idea ;-)

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