Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's Winnahs!

Last Aloha Friday, I shared my Happy Surprise when I received a RAK in the mail after having such a bummer day. I asked you all to share similar Happy Moments with all of us in blogland and I want to say thanks to those of you who did. Your stories were great!

I decided  not to use Max to help pick the winnah because he's a very FUN and PLAYFUL doggie that weighs in at 120 lbs. I was afraid that he might start eating the slips of paper with all of the names on it.Or grab the bucket by his mouth and take off running!

So, instead I had Jerome from our office help me pick the winnah. Jerome has gotten quite crafty since he started working with us, so I thought he'd be great to do this!

And here's the slip of paper he pulled out...

Congratulations, Jenny V.! You won a $25 Ben Franklin Crafts gift card!

Thanks again for all of you who keep visitng the blog and leaving comments, it's very encouraging. We're half way through the week and I'm looking forward to Saturday's BYOBag sale - 20% off with a re-usable bag!

Happy Crafting !

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  1. Yipee!!! Thanks so much Joy it sure made my day. Now time to shop can't wait to get some tools for baking =)


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