Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday Makeover - Spam Can!

Since Hawaii has the honor of having the highest consumption of SPAM, well I'm sure it's not too hard to find an empty can, so that's the subject of the makeover.

Growing up, I didn't really like to eat SPAM but now I don't mind it.How do you like to eat your SPAM? Personally, I like SPAM Lite and I slice it really, really thin and fry it up so that ends up tasting like crispy bacon.

OK, on to the makeover. I used a lot of scraps for this one. In fact the whole design comes from the scrap book paper, I just made like a kid and did cut and paste.

All pau! Really simple, but I am going to be able to use this, I'm always grabbing paper to write something down. And even the pens are the recycle ones we have on sale 4/$1, great deal!

Hope your Monday is going well!And Thanks for all of the computer advice, too. There's still time to leave me a comment and possibly win a $25 BFC Gift card!(Check Friday's post)

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  1. Love this!! it's so cute and very useful... guess i better start saving my cans!! SPAM MUSUBI is the best.. fried in some shoyu/sugar glaze played on top rice with furikake and nori!! yum!! Thanks Joy, i think i'm making that for lunch now! LOL!

  2. I can't say i've ever tried Spam (even though some have given that to me as a nickname. lol!) but love how you repurposed the container. So CUTE!!! -Sam :-)

  3. Hi Joy! I admire what you did to your spam can. I love the shape of the can that holds a local staple food. As a practical gift I once made a candle using a LITE spam can....great for those storm blackouts.


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