Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two for Tuesday - Bird's Nest Jewelry

Today's Two for Tuesday is not about Chinese Food Jewelry! LOL! You see, I kept seeing different pieces of jewelry that had a bird's nest on them and I thought I should try to make one. So here goes..

For my first project, I attempted to make a ring. I took three 8" lengths of 20 gauge wire and I started to braid them together. I used my nylon jaw pliers to help hold the wires together on one end while I braided.

Next, I used the pliers to squish the braid and make it a little thinner.

Then, I wrapped it around a mandrel to form the ring loop and twisted the ends to hold in place.

I spread apart the 6 wire ends, I'll call them spokes.Next, I took  24" of 20 gauge wire and wrapped one end to the center to secure.

Then, I started to weave the wire in and out of the spokes, like a basket. Eventually, I took each spoke and wove it into the nest as well. For this, I used my chain nose pliers to grasp the ends of the wire as I wove it through the nest.There was no rhyme or reason to the weaves, but that's what  makes it look more like twigs in a nest.

 I used the pliers to help shape the wires into a nest.

For this nest, I wanted to use 3 small cream colored pearls for the eggs. Since the bead holes were smaller, I took a length of 24 gauge wire and wrapped it into the nest to secure. Then, I added the pearls, one at a time. It was like sewing on  buttons.

Here is the ring!

Since it is Two for Tuesday, I made another nest for another piece of jewelry. Because it is not a ring, I took the 20 gauge wire and started to coil it into the nest shape.

Again, I wove it around and through the wires to create a nest. Used the pliers to shape the nest. And added the eggs in.

For this nest, I wanted to make it into a necklace, so I used some Vintaj jewelry pieces. I took the branch and used a jewelry/leather punch to make a hole on each end.

I attached the branch to some chain with some matching jumprings and I even added a soaring bird to one side of the necklace. I hung the nest from the branch with another jumpring. Lastly, a wire wrapped a couple of rose colored glass leaves. I think I may add more birds, flowers and leaves, this necklace is still not done, I think I want to experiment some more.

Here is the necklace and ring set.

Here's another ring I made using a turquoise colored bead for a robin's egg. I also added a tiny set of Vintaj leaves.

Making a nest from wire is actually a great project for beginner's to play with wire. There's no rules to making a nest!LOL!Another fun part is I can adjust the size of the ring, just by twisting the ring.

Thank you for being patient with this post. So sorry some of the photos are a little blurry, I'm still learning how to take one handed photos while holding things in the other hand! And I wasn't a happy camper with Blogger! I tried twice to post this and got booted off Blogger while I was writing. And yes, not all of my writing got saved, so I had to re-write it! I seem to be having all kinds of problems involving computers lately, I think I may have to make me a Computer Angel!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Fourth of July Weekend!


  1. WOW, incredible creations Joy! Thanks for the inspiration, great tut!

  2. Awesome terrific amazing! Too cute!

  3. Wow!!! these are really neat... they are beautiful when seeing it whole, but seeing the process.... WOW! i'm lovin' it!

  4. Omg! That's a lot of wire but I love the end results! Very pretty jewelry!!!

  5. WOW absolutely GORGEOUS!!! These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! :-)

  6. Hey Joy...It's great to see you BRANCHING out to jewelry making. I really love the necklace....can I copy it? I've had the metal branch as a sample for a long time and couldn't envision what to do with it. Your idea is fabulous!

  7. Holy cow girl! :) Can't believe what a long piece of wire can do, well what YOU can do with it! This is gorgeous Joy! You amaze me with all your different crafty ideas, but gotta luv the 2 liter! That one is at the top of my list of most ingenious ways to deliver a RAK! :)

  8. Very cool, Joy. This was your first attempt??? Amazing.

  9. what an amazing necklace and ring set! very lovely jewelry, Joy! You are a great designer jewelry! thanks for sharing this process with us! Have a wonderful weekend!


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