Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Getaway - Terrariums!

Did you guess from my clue on Saturday that I was going to make a terrarium this weekend? It all started because I saw that little fern growing out of a crack between the sidewalk and a building. Then, I thought we have so many beautiful glassware at Ben Franklin that I would give that little fern a nice new home.

So, I chose this vase that reminded me of a fishbowl. I liked that it was narrow so it wouldn't take up too much space on my desk.

Here's some of my supplies and tools, river rocks and a pair of chopsticks.

First, place a layer of small river rocks on the bottom of the vase to allow for good drainage. If the glassware was enclosed, then we would add a layer of activated charcoal to help filter the air and keep it fresh.

Next, wet some spaghnum moss and place on top of the river rocks as the next layer. This will keep the potting soil from falling into the river rocks.

Then, add the potting soil layer. A pair of chopsticks is great for leveling the soil and later for planting.

Here's what the layers should look like.

Now, the FUN part, arranging and planting your plants! I started with my little fern. Then, I added a small pansy plant, a little vine with yellow flowers and another small plant for color.

I had help with this project, Max was there supervising. Here, he's checking out the oranges, too big for the vase!

I also had help from my Sweetie setting Miss Kitty in so that the flower from the vine was in her lap. She's actually a toothbrush holder that we carry in our stores, I just removed the suction cup on the back.

So, here's how it came out. Hopefully, the pansies will keep blooming and the rest of the plants will thrive.Or should I say survive?

This was a fun project for me but as you can see, Max didn't see what the big deal is with the plastic cat.

Thanks for stopping by today and check back later for the Monday Makeover!


  1. oh fun project!!! Love the way it came out!! my girls have just planted a bunch of marigolds andwe are already seeing sprouts! TFS your wonderful weekend project! Max seems pleased as well... =D

  2. I loved your informative story of your weekend project. I thought you were going to tell us about a getaway to some exotic place where you found this rare fern. LOL! The terrarium turned out fantastic especially with Hello Kitty in it. This would make a great gift for someone who is confined to their home. I adore Max's expression!

  3. That made me LOL the last picture! Too cute!


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