Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Back in the day when there was 98 Rock, I looked forward to Two for Tuesdays. Because if I liked the group, I knew there would be two good songs to listen to and I would turn up the volume. If I didn't like the group, I knew I could turn the channel and leave it there for awhile.Guess I'm showing my age again! Well, hopefully, you won't turn the channel on my two projects!LOL!

Today, I used Doodlebug's Nifty Notions collection for my two projects. I always like sewing themes even though I don't sew very much anymore.

The first project is an easel card.These cards are really simple, now I know why everybody loves making them! My formula for figuring out the size of the cardstock is I decide how big the feature card "cover" is then I double the height to get the base easel part. This card, when folded closed is 6 1/2" wide and 6" tall. So, my easel base is 6 1/2" x 12".

I'm using two of the punch out embellishments here. I'm not sure who I will give this to, so I didn't write anything on the bottom part yet.

My second project is a post-it note holder.I wrote a project sheet  for this in case you haven't made one before.

My twist on it today is that I added a lining on the inside, which makes it even sturdier. I cut the lining 1/2" smaller all around. I had to score it 1/4" less for each line. After scoring and folding, I matched up the cuts on the seam. Then, I just double-stick taped it all together. Used another punch out to embellish the cover.

The great thing about using the same paper for two projects , is you really start to use up your scraps, while they are still fresh and new.

Speaking of new...I'm still thinking about a new computer so I just want to remind you that you still have until 12 noon tomorrow to leave a comment on Friday's post about what kind of computer you have and what crafty tings you do on it.

Thanks for stopping by today and if you scroll down, you'll see Monday's Makeover which posted today instead of yesterday (Now, I'm messing up with Blogger!)

Have a great week everybody!Happy Crafting!


  1. Awesome projects!! i'v been staring down these papers in the store and now i might have to get some! =D TFS!

  2. Hey Joy! Long time no see! Well, I see you every Sunday but you don't see me! Hahaha! I love these two projects - they're very colorful and summer-y! TFS and keep on crafting girl!

  3. BTW, I totally remember Two for Tuesdays! I even had a 98 Rock t-shirt and stickers!

  4. I guess I missed this paper at the store. Gotta look for it next time. Love what you did with it. Now I can see more possibilities for the labels.


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